Bring Your Own posted this really great video from zaproot and it got me thinking about reusable bags (again) so I figured I’d share some of my favorite etsy finds.
I’ve been using reusable shopping bags like this hot pink one (which is oh so cute) for awhile now, but some of the rest of these are new to me.

by parischicboutique
I love this bag, because it’s sassy and pink, plus it’s the perfect size to use for other things. They’ve also have canvas totes and one with poka dots.

by quirkybags.
I had a really hard time choosing between all the bags in this shop. They’ve got everything from quilted bags to bags with bicycles. This one I really liked because of the coloring, it’s springy and cheerful without over doing the pastels so that it looks like an estar bag. Plus like the rest of the bags in the shop it’s lined with a complementary pattern so the bag feels more like a bag and less like something you’d use to haul groceries around.

by gnomeclothes
I’d seen these with plastic lining before, which while that was a step in the right direction I kind of felt like it was missing the point. These sandwitch bags are not only made totally from fabric, but they also look cool.