matted 4X12 orange creamsicle triptych by phoebec
Well I’m long overdue for a post. I’d love to say I’ve been off crafting up a storm, but things have been pretty quite on that front. I did do up a couple of scarves, and a few more of the mini-notebooks, but other than that it’s been a lot of cooking.
strawberry crepes
I made up a bunch of crepes last week Monday and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The recipe was easy; flour, eggs, and water, and they went perfectly with the strawberries I had on hand. What was most exciting for me though is the fact that it’s another recipe I can add to my local foods list. Now all I’ve got to do is wait for strawberries to come into season. Which is going to be hard. I’m all for local food and fully support the 100 mile diet but it’s so hard to resist when you walk into the supermarket and see a whole display of California strawberries and prepackaged shortcake. The farmers’ markets should be opening soon and then it’ll get easier, until then I’m trying to make little concessions; strawberries from California instead of blackberries from Chile or Mexico.