Summer's Here


How to tell you’ve got cabin fever

  • It’s 20 degrees and snowing when you left this morning but it feels like spring
  • You’ve started knitting a hat for spring weather
  • You’re currently sorting through projects you haven’t touched in years looking for one to finish/discard
  • You’ve been baking up a storm
  • You’re pouring over seed catalogues and diagramming gardens
  • You’re counting down the days till the baby chicks arrive at the farm store
  • You step in every mud puddle you can find because it’s MUD
  • You’re tempted to buy green veggies shipped from New Zealand because their green and springy
  • You forget to turn the hot water on in the shower until you get in
  • You run out to get the mail without your shoes on
  • You picked out a skirt to wear until you realized you’d freeze before you even made it to the bus stop
  • You think warm weather is almost here…in another three months