I loved this book beyond what’s normal.  It’s hysterically funny, heartfelt, and the characters are weird just like me (yes, I did just admit that).  The writing was smooth and descriptive, capturing both character quirks and the essence of the craft itself.  I’d love to sit here and tell you exactly what it is about this book that is so awesome, but as the book does that by itself, here’s a couple of quotes:

There was a sniff from Martha’s chair, and then another.

Martha was crying, her face heavy with tears, a large hankie held to her nose. Her shoulders were shaking. The other three looked at each other in consternation. Martha kept crying, quietly and thoroughly, then put her head down on the arm of her padded chair and began to sob loudly, with small cries of pain that increased in volume as time went on. Wailing, thought Sandra. Martha is wailing.

"Martha," said Sandra, "whatever’s the matter?"

More sobs.

"Did I say something to upset you?" Sandara was quickly reviewing her one story, and Martha’s. Was Martha unstable? Had she said too much? Sandra looked at Kate and Tony, then got out of her chair and went to kneel by Martha, putting a tentative hand on her shoulder.

"Martha? Are you all right?"

"I’m all right," said Martha, looking Sanra full in the face. They searched each other’s eyes. Martha’s face was read and blubbery like a child’s. "I’m all right," she repeated. "It’s you I’m crying for Sandra." She swiped at her running nose. "Because you can’t. You don’t know how."


"You really are weird, Martha," said Sandra, then bit her tongue.

"Yes," said Martha cheerfully. "Just like you." She turned to look at Sandra. "Only your trouble is you don’t know how to enjoy it."


Cliff didn’t know which he liked better, the clinging stretch of bright red or the tease of buttons. Not that Martha would ever give him the chance, but she couldn’t stop him from thinking about it, no harm in that. (…) Now Sandra was another matter. If you even thought about stretching out a finger to Sandra, she would bite it off. Besides, she probably wore a bulletproof vest.