::Larkin Poe:: Larkin Poe (EP)
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About the Album: This is the first album from part of what was originally The Lovell Sisters.  The album’s comprised of a wonderful mix of contemporary americana, folk, and bluegrass to present a heartwarming commentary on life’s ups and downs. Full tracks of all the songs can be found on their site (linked above).  For each song I mention specifically I tried to link to a full length video of the song (either the official video or a live taping).

First Encounter: Mention of the Lovell Sisters have been seeping into my life over the last couple of months.  I finally took a serious listen a couple of weeks ago and fell in love.  If their awesome wardrobe and obviously sincerity weren’t enough their music’s everything I look for in a good americana group

Favorite Songs: I’ve made no comments on the instrumentation, melody of the songs as I feel I’d be repeating myself with a lot of ‘awesome, refreshing, catchy’

Long Hard Fall- This song could be my theme song.  It’s an upbeat retelling of the classic life beats you up but with an optimistic spin: be open-minded, don’t let people stomp on you, and appreciate the little things.

We Intertwine- This song gives me the warm and fuzzies up until the point it gets stuck in my head and then I’m bopping around in a full blown gleefest.

Shadows of Ourselves- The best sort of love story, that sort of broken, yearning, joy.

Least Favorites:
I always find this to be an unpleasant task but in this case it’s near impossible.  All the songs on the album are equally solid, each with their own unique aspects.  They vary greatly but as a whole mesh perfectly.

Favorite Lyrics:
There is room around my table for the open hearted the steady and unstable and we know we can catch, those below prepare to catch cuz it’s a long hard fall from here. –We Intertwine

And when my heart can beat no more I hope I die for all the good that’s left in this world, and when my body gives out I hope you find out just what this whole life was for. –We Intertwine

Other Songs: They’re on my to do list, so none as of yet, but if you’re interested you can check out the Lovell Sisters website.