Wordless Wednesday


Erie Canal Pathway I

Wordless Wednesday

No WW for me today, just not feeling like it.  So instead I bring you some photos of my latest mini project.  Pattern on Rav (blogger link).  It all started with an obsession with crochet thread….


WIP, originally uploaded by onelonetree.

Wordless Wednesday

Week two of our little project (still unnamed):

Week 2: Left

Becca found the 20 note in a book of awesome short stories.  I dug my paper up out of the ground… it’s newspaper that was buried way back when (ok not really that long ago) to cut down on the weeds that would grow through the new beds.  This scrap and another was all that I found in that particular bed.

wordless wednesday

Becca and I are projects junkies of the worst kind, particularly when it involves the two of us doing something together.  We were beyond help the day we met, which is why it surprises me it’s taken us this long to come up with our latest project.  Every week one of us picks a random word and we have photograph the word.  This past Wednesday was present and coming up this week is left… but before I get ahead of myself, here’s last week’s photos.

Week 1- Present

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