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Loofah II

Loofah plants I

These little guys grow fast…the leaves are now bigger than my hand and we’ve got the start of some blooms. Originally I was worried about them getting over watered with the heavy rain we’d been getting, but it turns out the more water you give them the faster they grow.


Trash Fashion
by ~stasha-pistachio on deviantART
Another day of record breaking heat and I’m ready to call it quits. It’s just too hot to do much of anything. The weather service says it was 95 at the hottest point yesterday, but the temperature display across the street read 99 at about five last night. Thankfully it’s a bit cooler inside, but I’m wondering how miserable this summer’s going to be if this keeps up.
I haven’t gotten anything planted outside yet, I’m worried about the heat killing the seedlings off. It’s hard enough to keep them watered when they’re sitting inside on the window sill.
On the etsy front things are going better. I’ve been having a lot of fun browsing through all the new summer stuff and I’ve been pumping out the paper. Who knew cold paper pulp would feel so good. I’ve gotten quite a bit behind on all my blog reading though. I’ve been keeping up with crunchy chicken and burbanmom, but nothing on the etsy side of things. As soon as it cools off I’ll be powering up the laptop and totally binging. I miss all the funny stories and the crafty inspiration.

A couple of the little guys that have been poking up on a regular basis.
Loofah sprouts I
Loofah sprouts II

Time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure. I started an entry on Saturday, but I never got around to finishing. The nice weather was calling to me.
I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning. I packed up and shipped out a lot of stuff to local charities and finally got around to recycling all the paper little old packrat me had saved. It’s nice to have the space to store the stuff I’ve started collecting, especially the glass jars, wicker baskets, and ceramic bowls.
I also helped clean out a couple of the flower beds outside, although we’ve still got a bunch of work to do. Hopefully we’ll get most of it done by the time I’ve managed to coax my seedlings into plantable size. Which as of now is still quite plausible as nothing has actually sprouted yet. I keep hoping I’ll wake up to little green shoots, but that might be a while off.

Daisies II
I spent a lot of time this week poking around homesteading and gardening sites. I looked at everything from square foot gardening, to container gardening, and building houses on rural homesteads. All in all a very interesting bit of research, I learned a lot but I still haven’t decided what I want to grow. I know I want to start some herbs inside on the window sill, basil, parsley, thyme, coriander and some stuff for my tea, mint, lemon balm, chamomile, maybe some stevia. Thing is I haven’t decided what and how I want to grow stuff outside. All I know is I want to grow something, and badly. I’ll figure it out eventually. I’m not too worried, although I’m hoping I don’t get sick of it the second the temperature gets into the high eighties.
I also spent a lot of time this week on etsy looking for birthday presents for a couple of friends. I haven’t found exactly what I wanted, but I found a bunch of really cool stuff in the process.

Jack – Swirl Bubble Pendant with Onyx Bead by enca
I love the sort of French style curve in this one, especially with the contrast between the two colors.

life is bitter, but sweet by nanako
I’m not usually a fan of Polaroids especially when the processing can totally ruin the original effect, but all of the prints in this shop are breath taking.

Wine by eclecticchaoscreated

Grilled Cheese Pendant/Charm by OneElf
I love OneElf’s collection of spunky charms. There’s everything from ice cream sandwiches to robin eggs and bird’s nests. They really look like miniaturized objects, it’s the neatest thing.

Moonstone Necklace with Charm by eastsidejewels
This was actually the first necklace I picked out of the bunch that I was looking at.