historic dresses

I’ve always been a sucker for historical costumes.  Lately though I’ve taken this history obsession to a whole new level thanks to Becca.  Insert a bit of back and forth and I decided to make myself up a Victorian dress.  Along with this I’m also in the process of refurbishing a bunch of men’s dress shirts I bought last fall at a bag sale.  So when it came time to start my dress I went in search of a pattern I could use both for that project and as part of my daily wardrobe/clothing recycling.  I ended up with this.



I started off by drawing out the pattern provided and resizing it, then I ripped apart my chosen shirt at the seams, traced out my pattern, cut and stitched.  To make the best use of space I laid out my pieces as below.


For the most part I followed the pattern as laid out.  I did add two pleats at the back under the row of buttons (as seen below…with one side finished), I did place the sleeve lower than suggested, and I used straight bands for the edging as that was all I had left..



 1880's Chemise Dress- Back


This week's WIP

Wordless Wednesday Meme

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If I hadn’t seen this and this I could’ve resisted….maybe.