I recently did some falling in love with various flickr feeds due in part by a set of braided hair photos posted at lovely clusters.  After that I had a lot of fun poking around.  In the end I’d particularly fallen in love with lesretrouvailles and questionsofscience (photos below, left and right respectively, click for links).


Seeing Women in Scifi’s recent Sam Carter v Helen Magnus character comparison post made me realize two things: 1) I haven’t updated my 42 Things post and 2) I’ve been a bad scifi junkie so far this year.  I’ve managed only one season of Stargate SG-1 (S9), none of Atlantis barring a couple of episodes both of which are my usual scifi staples.  I’ve started Farscape again and picked up a couple of favorites Merlin and Battlestar Galactica.

On the reading front I haven’t done much better (I’m halfway through The Chronicles of Narnia).  Although to be fair reading scifi has never been something I’ve really bothered with (which is half the reason I signed up for the challenge…the half other being I’m clearly insane and have to do everything).

I have, however, totally rocked it in regard to watching Sanctuary (for those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, emphasis on yet here’s the blurb from wikipedia “The show centers on Dr. Helen Magnus, a 158-year-old English scientist, and her team of experts who run the Sanctuary, an organization that seeks out non-human intelligent creatures, known as Abnormals, and tries to help and learn from them, while also having to contain the more dangerous ones.”).  I’ve rewatched both seasons including the season 2 opening (*sniffle*).  I know I’ve said this about a million times before but this show seriously rocks! I’d list a bunch of reasons but I’m not sure I could manage to fit it all in one post, so instead I bring you 12 reasons why I love Helen Magnus (the show’s main character), in no particular order:

00 tumblr_l0oiw06moO1qbapbzo1_500image from talkofcake on tumblr

  1. She loves tea
  2. She has the best wardrobe (shoes included)
  3. Her cheeky smile
  4. She has the coolest job ever (her job title has words I can’t even pronounce)
  5. She grew up in Victorian England
  6. Her crying will break your heart but she looks good doing it
  7. Bigfoot is her butler
  8. She’s well travelled
  9. Her sense of humor
  10. Helen in crisis mode is awesome and sarcastic
  11. Her hair
  12. She doesn’t look like a drowned rat when soaking wet


::Larkin Poe:: Larkin Poe (EP)
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About the Album: This is the first album from part of what was originally The Lovell Sisters.  The album’s comprised of a wonderful mix of contemporary americana, folk, and bluegrass to present a heartwarming commentary on life’s ups and downs. Full tracks of all the songs can be found on their site (linked above).  For each song I mention specifically I tried to link to a full length video of the song (either the official video or a live taping).

First Encounter: Mention of the Lovell Sisters have been seeping into my life over the last couple of months.  I finally took a serious listen a couple of weeks ago and fell in love.  If their awesome wardrobe and obviously sincerity weren’t enough their music’s everything I look for in a good americana group

Favorite Songs: I’ve made no comments on the instrumentation, melody of the songs as I feel I’d be repeating myself with a lot of ‘awesome, refreshing, catchy’

Long Hard Fall- This song could be my theme song.  It’s an upbeat retelling of the classic life beats you up but with an optimistic spin: be open-minded, don’t let people stomp on you, and appreciate the little things.

We Intertwine- This song gives me the warm and fuzzies up until the point it gets stuck in my head and then I’m bopping around in a full blown gleefest.

Shadows of Ourselves- The best sort of love story, that sort of broken, yearning, joy.

Least Favorites:
I always find this to be an unpleasant task but in this case it’s near impossible.  All the songs on the album are equally solid, each with their own unique aspects.  They vary greatly but as a whole mesh perfectly.

Favorite Lyrics:
There is room around my table for the open hearted the steady and unstable and we know we can catch, those below prepare to catch cuz it’s a long hard fall from here. –We Intertwine

And when my heart can beat no more I hope I die for all the good that’s left in this world, and when my body gives out I hope you find out just what this whole life was for. –We Intertwine

Other Songs: They’re on my to do list, so none as of yet, but if you’re interested you can check out the Lovell Sisters website.

I’m surfing etsy, looking at the soaps that had caught my interest. Smiling at all the pretty colors and the beautiful smells when all of a sudden I stop, because I saw something. Palm oil. Listed inconspicuously in with the rest of the ingredients.
Palm oil’s in a lot of stuff, it’s cheap, has a lot of useful properties, it comes from palms. Not a problem right?


Compare the palm oil plantation to the rainforest at the top corner of the photograph. Think about the amount of rainforest in Asia and in Africa.
I think we’ve got a problem. Large cosmetic companies and the fast food industry do a lot to create demand for palm oil. It’s these larger corporations that make the soap that most of us buy, but what about those of us that buy handmade soap?
It’ll be an easy switch to make I figured. People tend to be conscientious of what they put in they’re soap, because the people that buy it are. At least that’s what I thought. I’ve got picky skin and I’m sensitive to strongly perfumed soaps. Even so I figured I’d go looking for a soap bar that I could use as shampoo. Turns out I was having a hard time finding anything, shampoo or not.
I found a couple of non-etsian shops in the UK, and while the soaps look absolutely beautiful I’m not sure shipping soap across the ocean would cut it in the environmental department, so I pressed on.
I came across The Chic and Green Blog and rejoiced. Sitting a top the list of posts was a review for AuntNancysSoap. Palm oil free and she has a selection of unscented soaps that I’m definitely going to be trying.

Rose Clay Soap

Rose Clay Soap from AuntNancysSoap

Fragrance Free Bar From AuntNancysSoap

Fragrance Free Bar From AuntNancysSoap

I’m also currently staring at a sea salt soap from balsam, a shampoo bar from ShopRedLeaf. Although I’ll have to convo the sellers before buying, the bars look pretty good on the palm oil front.e palm oil front.

(another deviantArt feature)

100 years of solitude
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sant six-three-five II
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Audrey II.
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Seabird 2
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sea shell
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tell me story
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Baked Bread
Back before our little heat wave I did a lot of baking, and every time I started I’d stop to think of just how badly I really need to buy an apron. Without fail opening the flour canister is asking to be over taken by a furious cloud of flour. While originally amusing, I wanted to do something about it, so I hopped on etsy and started looking around and found these incredible aprons (1, 2) by boojiboo.

If these aren’t the cutest aprons ever I don’t know what would be. Too bad they didn’t have full skirts. I’d totally wear these out for a night on the town.


It looks like I’m going to be playing catch up for awhile so I figured I’d hop over and update before I got started with all of that.

I managed to make it to a local rummage sale last weekend and found a lot of really interesting stuff, some for myself and a couple of things for projects I wanted to start.  They had a couple of old cookbooks that I snagged and a few Mary Higgins Clark books to add to my collection.

I haven’t gotten around to binding any more books although I’m hoping to soon as I made up a couple of thicker sheets for book covers in my last batch.  I think I might have actually found a more efficient way of drying the paper, but we’ll have to see how it holds up for a second time.

Things on the crocheting front have died down a bit now with the backlog of hats I have to post.  I might save them for next season, although we’ll see.  I’ll get the paper listed in a week when things calm down a bit and we’ll go from there.

I haven’t got any interesting finds to post this week, but I’ve got to say I really liked the interview etsy did with gaiaconceptions.  All of her stuff is incredibly beautiful and yet it’s simplistic, it’s very eco-friendly, and I love the fact that none of it’s covered in patterns.  Normally I might disapprove, but in this case there’s no need for all the extras.


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