Seeing Women in Scifi’s recent Sam Carter v Helen Magnus character comparison post made me realize two things: 1) I haven’t updated my 42 Things post and 2) I’ve been a bad scifi junkie so far this year.  I’ve managed only one season of Stargate SG-1 (S9), none of Atlantis barring a couple of episodes both of which are my usual scifi staples.  I’ve started Farscape again and picked up a couple of favorites Merlin and Battlestar Galactica.

On the reading front I haven’t done much better (I’m halfway through The Chronicles of Narnia).  Although to be fair reading scifi has never been something I’ve really bothered with (which is half the reason I signed up for the challenge…the half other being I’m clearly insane and have to do everything).

I have, however, totally rocked it in regard to watching Sanctuary (for those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, emphasis on yet here’s the blurb from wikipedia “The show centers on Dr. Helen Magnus, a 158-year-old English scientist, and her team of experts who run the Sanctuary, an organization that seeks out non-human intelligent creatures, known as Abnormals, and tries to help and learn from them, while also having to contain the more dangerous ones.”).  I’ve rewatched both seasons including the season 2 opening (*sniffle*).  I know I’ve said this about a million times before but this show seriously rocks! I’d list a bunch of reasons but I’m not sure I could manage to fit it all in one post, so instead I bring you 12 reasons why I love Helen Magnus (the show’s main character), in no particular order:

00 tumblr_l0oiw06moO1qbapbzo1_500image from talkofcake on tumblr

  1. She loves tea
  2. She has the best wardrobe (shoes included)
  3. Her cheeky smile
  4. She has the coolest job ever (her job title has words I can’t even pronounce)
  5. She grew up in Victorian England
  6. Her crying will break your heart but she looks good doing it
  7. Bigfoot is her butler
  8. She’s well travelled
  9. Her sense of humor
  10. Helen in crisis mode is awesome and sarcastic
  11. Her hair
  12. She doesn’t look like a drowned rat when soaking wet